Essay Writing Help: Useful Hints & Tips

Every course has specific demands for the papers to submit. Your individual instructor should equip you with a full set of requirements along with the assignment you get an essay help. You should keep in mind two aspects of essay writing:

  1. Structural and organizational aspect. It will help you to be more productive with your study.

  2. Style and clarity. Clear writing means clear thinking. And bad writing is always an agony. Good writing expects from you to eliminate all the unnecessary information, and to use active voice.

Essay writing requires appropriate organization from every student. At this step you need to organize your ideas and thoughts. The following techniques usually help students before writing:

  • Free writing;

  • Brainstorming;

  • Outlining.

Step 1: Analysis

Initial analysis is a must for a good essay. Before you start any activity, you have to understand clearly what you do. Read your essay question loudly three times and thinks about approach you need to finish your assignment. Select the words in the title that refer to the subject mostly and highlight them. Find the definitions of all the words in the title to have deep understanding of the topic.

Step 2: Planning

It is a crucial step in your essay writing. Budget your time and other resources you need. Also plan the essay structure depending on the task you are assigned.


Step 3. Research

Identify the resources you need to research and make the plan to perform it. Use primary sources for your research. Selecting information from Internet requires from you critical thinking approach. Consider the following aspects:

  • Site authority and sponsorship. Official resources are always the most suitable for your research. Try to find information on the sites with .edu and .gov extensions.

  • Audience orientation. Different educational levels require appropriate levels of ideas, thoughts, language and approach. The content of the sites can be oriented to the secondary school, high school or college, and the variety of university levels. And for sure school resources won’t give your college essay help.

  • Information currency. Make sure that information is up-to-date and the recent changes are made for the content.

  • Accuracy of content. All the data should be valid and factual, not just someone’s opinion.

All these resources will provide your essay help online.

Step 4: Plan clarification

Under the results of this step you should have the big picture of your topic and all the authorities in its field should be identified. The long list of the questions you want to ask about the topic should be done and some personal opinions are to be made, some of them should be of special interest from your side.

Step 5: Drafting

This step is to start your writing. Select a thesis statement and support it with evidence. Your reader is to be convinced with a assurance your opinion is sound. With this purpose you can use proved facts, illustrations, authorities’ opinions in quotes. They should be cogent and relative to you topic only to accommodate the main and supportive thesis. Think about quality of evidence you provide, not about quantity. The number of evidence should be appropriate and sufficient. Don’t overload your readier with unnecessary mass of facts.

Step 6: Draft editing

The fact is, 90% of good writing is editing. The principle of editing is simple, first you re-read your writing for structure and content, and next you check the style and presentation. Evaluate your writing under the basis of the following checklist:

  • Is the hook to grab your reader’s attention included?

  • Is the essay content reflects the title?

  • Did you show the importance of the thesis to the reader?

  • Is you argument structured logically?

  • Is your evidence look conclusive?

  • Does your conclusion have an effect of proper closure?

  • Is your writing interesting to read?

  • Is your essay spell-checked, and contents appropriate grammar and punctuation?

Now it’s time to put your essay away for 24 hours to reload yourself for the final revision.

Hope this guideline helps to fulfill your essay assignment in the best performance. Always think about time limits.

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